The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

By Michael Gracey

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-12-20
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 45min
  • Director: Michael Gracey
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99


THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is an original musical inspired by the life of P.T. Barnum, starring Hugh Jackman. Barnum was a visionary who rose from nothing to create the “Greatest Show on Earth,” a spectacle and celebration of his larger-than-life imagination that captivated audiences around the globe.


  • The Greatest Showman

    By 75382coolkid
    Hi this will make you happy and cry.😇😍😁🤩
  • Awful

    By 72462837
    Simply an awful movie. I wanted to like it like other musicals but found it just lacking in all aspects.
  • One of the best movie I ever seem!

    By Jameismyenglishname
    This movie is very inspiriational. It is the best movie I ever seem, music are great! I very regret that I didn't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Truly enjoyable

    By cayrick
    Not really into musicals but made an exception on this one. Well done and very entertaining.
  • 😊

    By lovelyfinchviolet
    This was amazing follow your dreams not matter how you look
  • Nice job with the music.

    By Jainaellis
    But I did NOT enjoy the show. The plot was very poor, and the things like humor that I really enjoy in movies were gone. I was not expecting very much from this movie, but it gave me even less than I expected. Every other member of my family but my dad loves the movie and are constantly singing the songs from the movie, so now even they are starting to get old. Playing them over and over doesn’t help, either. They’ve watched the movie a billion times over in the car and in the house. Most of my family thought some points were sad and emotional, but I was completely unmoved and I don’t know why they think those parts were sad. I was bored the first time I saw this movie, and all I ever see are family movie and Good Mythical Morning. There were so many holes in the movie, and a few characters and subplots just disappeared. The only big subplot that made it through the movie was Mr. Carlyle+Anne Wheeler. There are no real twists anywhere, either. I noticed that Jenny Lind and Charity’s parents completely disappeared. Jenny never apologized for being utterly STUPID. Charity’s parents and P.T. Barnum never exchanged apologies. You really should have worked on that plot, because plots are the heart of the movie. PS: Has ANYONE noticed that Charity’s parents never seem to age??? When P.T. was a little boy, Charity’s dad looked exactly the same as when P.T. was middle-aged. WHAT!
  • The best movie ever

    By hi hey hey
    This movie is so beautiful I love how they told the story from there child hood and then a grown up I think the song are the best This movie brings me happiness and I like movies that bo that
  • Surpassed expectations

    By Joebigd99
    This movie surpassed all expectations I had going into it. From the music to the visuals, this movie doesn’t disappoint!
  • Unbelievably fantastic!

    By ZJatc
    I can’t get this movie and the songs out of my head. Loved it.
  • Excellent! Must see.

    By otowndad
    I decided to rent this after so many positive reviews by friends. This now one if my favorites.